The Resurgence of the Wedding Cravat

Passion Men’s Black and Purple Cravat by DQT

When celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt wore wedding cravats, the fashionable world sat up and took notice. It looked dashing and bold. Not surprisingly, wedding cravats soon became a ‘must have’ fashion item at any wedding.

Cravats have been used with formal wear for many years, and men can always be seen wearing cravats at many fashionable occasions such as Ascot.

With increasing numbers of grooms and other male members of the bridal party wearing formal clothing, a cravat makes a welcome change from a tie. It has style and is fashionable. Cravats look stunning set against a grey morning coat, waistcoat and trousers. Best of all, it can blend in to any colour theme.

The choice of cravats is enormous. Traditionally white cravats have been the norm. Now brides are insisting on colour themes – and silk cravats are a perfect answer. Whatever the colour choice, a silk cravat can be dyed to match. Hundreds of different colour shades can be obtained. Versions of plum, blue, apricot, and yellow are among the most popular options.

Having chosen the colour, the next hurdle for the bridegroom and his party is to learn to tie a cravat. This requires patience and care, as it is not the same technique used when tying a tie. Thankfully there are videos on YouTube which help reluctant fingers to achieve the perfect knot. This then has to be secured with a cravat pin.

Despite this, there are still those who spend ages in front of the mirror still struggling to tie the perfect wedding cravat, and experience nightmares about the task. Fortunately, there is a way of cheating and pleasing the bride. Pre-tied versions can be obtained from many manufacturers!

A cravat is becoming an essential, fashionable item. Choose carefully – it can give your wedding that special touch.

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