One element of wearing a plain blow tie is that it’s suitable for both indoor or outdoor events. Whether you’re attending a barbecue at your friend’s house, gearing up for a business meeting, or have a date with your significant other, a plain blow tie is guaranteed to fit for all these occasions. You will never look underdressed or overdressed, because a simple plain blow tie offers versatile functions. Enjoy the different colours, material and style for a plain bow tie should not be considered extravagant, but an essential need for every contemporary man.


Features: Plain bow ties have lived through fashion seasons and will continue to do so. Plain bow ties are easy to match with your printed shirts and is always safe to wear for all occasions. A plain bow tie offers more options when it comes to choosing your attire and can go with stripe, checkered or other plain shirts. A plain bow tie is the perfect gift for the occasion. We not only offer our own DQT line, but also the James Alexander brand that comes with check, patterned and plain selections which are wearable for all seasons.

Texture: Our plain bow ties are produced in beach wood, cherry wood, cotton, faux leather, knitted polyester, knitted silk, linen, polyester, satin polyester, silk, walnut wood and wool.

Colours: Our bow ties are comprised of dark to light shades of black, blue, brown, yellow, gold, green, ivory, orange pink, purple, red, silver and white colours.

Style: We offer the self-tie and pre-tied options to cater to those who are seeking convenience and those who wish to tie the bow ties themselves.

Shape: Take advantage of the different shapes we offer, namely, batwing, butterfly, crossover, pointed and thistle which can be worn in different occasions.
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