Are you eager to spruce up your attire? Are you attending an elegant event and hope to find something appropriate to wear? Do you feel that your ties are outdated? Don’t settle for less. It’s okay to explore and acquaint yourself with different ties, but one thing every man should invest in is a silk tie. A silk tie exudes elegance and will always be a winner to match your suit. With different colours, and styles to select from, we guarantee you can find one or more that resonates with you.


Features: Silk has been passed on from different generations and has never gone out of style. Owning a silk tie is like having a piece of treasure. Its timeless features go a long way and is a must for every man’s wardrobe. Our various plain woven patterns allow you to match your outfit effortlessly. A silk tie allows you to keep up with the fashion and maintain a classic look. Wear it for weddings, engagements, funerals, parties, dates and at work. Pamper yourself with our finest silk tie collections that are hand-made with intricate details. Its lightweight texture feels smooth against the skin and is a precious accessory. We offer the James Alexander brand that is produced in the highest quality and with the best features.

Texture: Our handmade ties are produced in knitted silk and woven silk in a selection of popular weaves.

Colours: Never run out of colours to choose from since we offer the darkest to the lightest shades of black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, silver and yellow

Style: We provide skinny 5cm, slim 7cm blade and our classic 9cm blade styles that are suitable for all occasions.
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