Do you like to see yourself as a gentleman who pays close attention to fashion details? Do people always complement you with the way you dress? Do you prefer to be following the trend or starting it? Then sporting a linen tie is the way to go since it’s all about structuring your outfit to the next level and bringing out the character in you. Linen ties are great for the summer but can be worn all year around depending on your mood or theme. Linen ties are keepers and never go out of fashion.


Features: Look in the mirror and examine our linen ties. Don’t you think you look great? It’s okay to admire yourself once in a while especially if you’re dressing up for the right occasion. Our linen ties are available in plain prints which are easy to match and keep you looking chic at all times. The wonderful factor about using a linen tie is you can match it with another fabric and still look fashionable. There’s no holding back when it comes to wearing a linen tie. If you choose to wear our linen ties during the summer, you can expect it to keep you cool at all times. Take advantage of our various colors, styles and designs and always look smart for the occasion. Linen ties don’t only belong in your wardrobe, but are perfect for gifts as well.

Texture: Breathable and lightweight with the open-weave texture, linen ties are perfect ties for the warmer months.

Colours: Our colours consists of different shades of black, purple, yellow, green, gold, white, orange, pink, red, silver and brown all from very light to very dark.

Style: We provide skinny 5cm, slim 7cm blade and our classic 9cm blade style in the James Alexander brand.
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