If you’re searching for inspiration in your manner of dressing, you’ve come to the right place. Learning to match your shirt with an ideal tie takes a good eye for details and a knack for fashion. When wearing a suit, the first thing people notice is your tie. A patterned tie is indeed an understatement accessory that speaks loud and clear. A patterned tie will surely attract the attention you need. Our patterned ties comprise of different colours, styles and material which can infuse richness in your attire and make you stand out at weddings, engagements, parties, important events and at the office. Never settle for just one print and add a dash of zest to your tie collection.


Features: Pay attention to the details of a patterned tie. The patterns are there for a reason to depict art and expression. A patterned tie can capture one’s attention and leaves a fashion statement. Whether you’re in the mood for a fancy night out with the boys, attending your best friend’s wedding, giving a speech at your grandfather’s memorial, or presenting your innovative idea at a board meeting, adding a patterned tie is the way to go. With a variety of colours, styles and materials to choose from, there’s no wonder as to why DQT should be your ultimate choice in patterned ties. The patterns consist of dainty florals, smart geometric prints, favourable greek keys, attractive paisley designs, unique patterned, colourful plain prints, cool polka dots and vibrant swirls.

Texture: Our patterned ties boast about fine details to stitching and produced in knitted polyester and polyester which is smooth and soft against the skin and sure to last a long time.

Colours: An array of colours consisting of different shades of blues, purples, browns, yellows, golds, whites, oranges, pinks, reds, silvers and white are available for you to choose from.

Style: Enjoy our three unique styles, namely, skinny 5cm blade, slim 7cm blade, classic 9cm blade which are easy to match that offer reasonable prices.
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