Tips on Dressing Up for a Job Interview

First impressions last. Facing a potential employer to prove that you are qualified for your

When to Wear: Satin Ties

One of our golden beliefs here at DQT is that you have to “know thy

Know Your Fabric: Shantung

Knowing what fabric or material is used when buying a piece of clothing is crucial.

Know Your Accessories: Lapel Pin

In the recent fashion seasons, we have all seen the resurgence of a lot of

Modern Formal Tie: Best Gift Ever!

Men, may not be as complicated as women, literally and figuratively. But finding the perfect

Polka Dots: A Spot On Pattern

The resurgence of some of the most iconic retro patterns has been observed lately in

When to Wear: Paisley

This iconic teardrop or feather-shaped design is one of the most enduring patterns in the

The Right Tie Length

In the modern sartorial jungle, men still struggle with some basic tie problems. A lot

What A Clip-On Tie Is For

Tie aficionados may find clip-on ties unacceptable because of its tacky reputation. But most of

90s Fashion Comeback: The Bow Tie Look

Wondering what to wear to a 90s party? Or you just want to find 90s

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