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Outright DQT Clip On Ties

A powerful dress shirt and tie combo can give you the high ground in various social circumstances. Going to a professional or eating with a customer? Wearing formal or semi-formal clothing that fits your style depicts a vital bit of your identity with a negligible measure of exertion. The clip on tie is a necktie […]

How To Get The Best From DQT Clip On Ties

It’s not a lie that clip on ties makes it easy for one to get dressed fast in the morning especially if you’re in a hurry or if you are still struggling to tie a tie. As a man, the tie will make you look smart, attractive and pleasing. Ties are mostly worn by grooms […]

DQT Clip On Tie – Your Safety At Workplace Is Guarantee

In the corporate world today, most men frown at those who put on a clip on ties once they spot one; most often those people that wear this type of tie are those that can’t afford the regular expensive ties. But if those that snob could understand that the work place is not a $1,000,000 […]

DQT Clip on Ties: The New Choice for Men

A tie will always give a man a more pleasing and attractive look, let alone formality. Most of the time, these are worn by office executives and grooms in order to look more presentable and appreciating to the eyes of many. However, the common problem associated with a tie is that men don’t know how […]

Comfortable, Convenient and Stylish: Stay Smart All Day with DQT’s Clip on Tie

We all love the streamlined, classic finishing touch a tie gives but the hassle of fiddling about with a length of fabric can be off putting. A bad tie day can leave you feeling annoyed before your day has even started. Clip on ties have always been waiting in the wings to take the fuss […]