Do you want to dress up in a simple manner yet still look up-to-date with today’s fashion? Are you searching for something that’s easy to wear and doesn’t break the bank? Do you want a tie that keeps the stain away? You can count on our polyester ties that don’t wrinkle and feels smooth against the skin. Whether you’re embracing the summer heat, catching some raindrops during the spring, witnessing the colour changes of leaves during the autumn or shivering during the cold winter, our polyester ties go well with all seasons. All Ties

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Features: Selecting a tie shouldn’t be complicated. Once you get the knack of it, you would be eager to try different styles, shapes and materials. It teaches you to be creative with your manner of dressing. Polyester ties can be worn in different outdoor or indoor occasions and fit for all seasons. Our polyester ties fall nicely with your suit and keep you looking your best. At DQT we strive to provide superb polyester ties with matching accessories as a definition of a fine gentleman of the 21st century. Our polyester ties come in different patterns consisting of attractive checks, delicate florals, refined geometric prints, graceful Greek keys, refined paisley prints, exquisite patterned, neat plaids, animated polka dots, vibrant stripes, exciting swirls and dazzling tartans. You will never ran out of choices with our DQT ties.

Texture: We offer a variety of materials consisting of knitted polyester, polyester and satin polyester which are all exquisitely hand-crafted.

Colours: You always a have a shade to match your mood from the darkest to lightest hues of black, blue, brown, gold, green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.

Style: We provide skinny 5cm, slim 7cm blade and our classic 9cm blade, clip-on extra long and boys styles that are suitable for all occasions.