With over 130 different styles of men's cravats in the UK, DQT is your go-to online store for all your wedding cravat needs. Whilst cravats can be worn for other occasions, weddings are predominantly the most popular affair for this type of tie and men's cravats are the best way to create a stylish look for your bridal party. Plain, swirled, floral, scroll, paisley, patterned or bright, there will be the perfect cravat to match your wedding colour scheme. You could even try creating a contrast with your groomsmen in different but complementary colours to the groom?

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Features: When you want your personality to glow and wish to be unique from the rest, you can guarantee our men’s cravats can do wonders with your clothing. Choose our various prints that can match your mood. We offer geometrical prints, plain, paisley, greek keys, patterned, scrolls, swirls, florals, scrolls and checks. Most of our men’s cravats have matching boy’s equivalents so even the little ones can look their best too.

Texture: Our men’s cravats are produced in different textures and weaves yet all are suitable for that special occasion. Select from polyester and satin polyester which is manufactured are exceptional quality and built to last.

Colours: Our colour selection is wide and boasts from different shades of solid colours ranging from dark hues to pale tones.

Style: Our cravats consist of a self-tie and pre-tied style.