Do you want to impress your grandmother by singing in the choir? Are you looking forward to attending your cousin’s debut? Can’t choose between a simple tie vs. a more trendy one? Check out our selection of cotton ties. We believe in combining tradition with the current fashion and a cotton tie is prime on our list. A cotton tie is easy to match and is quite multi-faceted when it comes to getting dressed. With an array of designs, colours and styles to choose from, a cotton tie is the best investment for your casual or formal event.

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Features: When was the last time you wore a tie fit for the occasion? If your aim is to always look like a gentleman, you can bet on a cotton tie. Our cotton ties come in dainty florals, preppy plaids, vibrant plain prints and delicate tartans which can be worn in different occasions. Although cotton ties are primarily suitable for the summer, they still go well for all the other seasons. Adding a cotton tie to your collection of ties is worth every penny. Our colours, styles and design add an essence to your outfit. When in doubt it’s always safe to pick up one of our DQT ties. We also offer cotton ties by designer, James Alexander to add to your collection. Choosing a ties has never been this simple―pick one today.

Texture: Soft, strong and comfortably lightweight, cottom ties are favoured by many for their ideal texture.

Colours: Our colours consists of different shades of blue, gold, green, pink, purple, yellow, red, ranging from very light to very dark colours.

Style: We offer skinny 5cm blade, slim 7cm blade and our classic 9cm blade styles.