Late for your next business meeting and don’t have time to knot a tie? Are you ready to attend your graduation, but don’t have something formal to wear? Then a clip-on tie with the perfect knot is your ultimate choice. You can still look elegant minus all the preparations. A clip-on tie also works well with young boys who want to look spruce but don’t have the time to knot a tie. You have the option of using a slim version or a regular clip-on tie. Indulge in two patterns, the conventional plain ties and the slim version manufactured in fine polyester and satin polyester.

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Features: When you’re searching for convenience in dressing up and don’t have the time to focus on the details, then a clip-on tie is the way to go. Its simple, flawless application is ideal for men and boys who don’t want to fuss over knotting a regular tie. The main factor when searching for a clip-on tie is to find one that looks like a regular tie and falls seamlessly in your shirt. Never be late for a party or important event with our clip-on ties.

Texture: Our clip-on tie is manufactured in fine polyester and satin polyester which is produced in good quality that will last a long time.

Colours: Our clip-on ties are comprised of blue, black, green, gold, purple, orange, pink, red, yellow, gray, white, burgundy and brown ideal to match any type of colours depending on your mood and suitable for all occasions. Our clip-on ties come in plain colours and vibrant checks that can be used in all four seasons.

Style: You have the option of using a slim bladeed design or a classic blade depending on your mood or outfit you wear. Either one you choose will always be a winner. Ideal for weddings, funerals, graduations, conventions, cocktails, events or parties. Also suitable for waiters and servers.