A tie defines your look and can compliment your outfit. Once you wear an eye-catching tie, you can capture them with that second look and they’ll not only remember the conversation you had, but the tie you wore. Check out our assortment of ties which are manufactured in smooth and soft cotton, silky polyester, fine silk, dense wool, synthetic microfibre and absorbent linen. Our ties from range from bold colours to soft pastels, polka dots, paisley designs and stripes equally matched for the right occasion and suitable for men and boys. Create your fashion statement with our tie selection.

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Features: Our ties contain a classic design for the contemporary at heart, a skinny pattern for a sophisticated look, a pocket square which provides a versatile aura and an elasticated clip-on for that accessible feature and for people on the go. Ideal for men and boys and suitable for weddings, cocktails, funerals, parties, casual or formal events and dates.

Texture: Our assorted ties boasts of different textures to choose from and are finely crafted in velvety cotton, deluxe silk, thick wool, polyester, fine microfibre and cool linen.

Colours: You have the choice of going bold and sticking to solid colours when matching with printed or striped clothing. You can also soften your look with sweet pastels that add life to your outfit. Be more daring with floral and paisley designs that are striking to the eye. Get funky with stripes and polka dots which enhances your outfit. Whatever suits your fancy, our coloured ties are the ultimate choice for your outfit.

Styles: Our ties come in different style options. The 9cm classic style possesses the classic design used by many. The 9cm tie also consists of an XL version for men who are 6 feet and taller. The 7cm slim tie is ideal for the millennials and those who wish to sport a more modern look. Younger men or boys have the opportunity to use the 5cm. skinny tie to exude a casual look. The clip-on tie is suitable for people on the go or for waiters, servers, guards or bouncers. The 6.5 cm. tie is ideal for young boys 8 years old and above. The pre-tied ties are accessible for boys ages 2-7. Level up your outfit with our knitted 5cm square-end or 6.5cm. V-shaped tie for a more stylish, formal and casual look.