Do you want to add some zest to your outfit? Do you feel that there is something missing in your attire? Are you ready to make that change in your wardrobe? Why not add a stripe tie to your collection of ties. A stripe tie matches well and is the next best thing for your suit. A stripe tie brings out your personality and allows you to shine. Wear one at work, a special event, a wedding, a date and you’ll always feel satisfied. Get lost admiring the colours, styles, texture and shapes knowing there is always one or more made for you.

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Features: A tie isn’t just an ordinary accessory, but is there to flatter your outfit. A striped tie puts a smile on one’s face and adds colour to your attire. You are set to make an impression when using our stripe ties that offer different colours, texture and styles. We feature diagonal and horizontal prints ranging from different colors, styles and textures which prove to be dynamic and fun. You will always look like a gentleman with our DQT striped ties. Choosing the right tie is indeed an investment. Knowing that a tie will last for a long time is worth every penny. When you feel like purchasing a tie, opt for a stripe one, you won’t regret it. Our diagonal and vertical ties will make you feel more enthusiastic about the way you dress. You can wear it for outdoor or indoor events and is suitable for all seasons.

Texture: Our stripe ties are manufactured in knitted polyester which goes well during the winter and autumn and polyester which can be worn all year around.

Colours: You will always feel complete with our array of colours comprising of black, purple, yellow, green, gold, white, orange, pink, blue, red, silver and brown which are simple to match.

Style: Available in our skinny 5cm, slim 7cm and our classic 9cm blade styles.