When to Wear: Suede

With tons of fabrics available to choose from, choosing the right one is not an easy task.

Biege Bows and Warm Tones

Well, you are not alone. So, if you are one of those gentlemen who are puzzled on what fabric is best to wear for an event, or what fabric works best for any season, you have come to the right place.

Today we will have a crash course of everything about a unique and stylish fabric — suede.

What is Suede?

The word suede was coined from a French phrase “gants de Suède”, which literally means “gloves from Sweden”.

Suede is a type of fuzzy leather that has a soft finish, commonly used for gloves, jackets, shoes, shirts, bags, furniture and other accessories.

Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin of an animal, commonly from lamb, although goat, calf, pigs, sheep and deer skins are also being used by other manufacturers.

Rawhide skin used for producing suede leather can also be obtained from more exotic animals like alligators, sharks, kangaroos, snakes and fish.

The inner layer of the rawhide skin is being sanded or brushed to reveal a velvet soft feel. Because of the sanding process, the fabric becomes more porous, making it less resistant to scuffs and strains.

Since suede is made from the inner layer of the animal skin and does not include the tough exterior, it is considered less durable and more pliable than standard “full-grain” leather.

Alternatives for Genuine Suede Leather

If you are looking for that soft, velvety texture of suede leather but not really into wearing a chemically treated animal skin, well, worry no more. (We can hear your sigh of relief even from here).

Wool Waistcoat and Suede Bow

In recent years, synthetic fabrics are often manufactured with the process called “sanding” or “brushing” to copy that soft and fuzzy feel of a genuine suede leather.

With this process, they can produce a man-made fabric that resembles a similar look and feel of suede, but gains pros such as increased liquid or stain resistance. It also appeals more to customers who prefer a non-animal product.

Synthetic suede fabrics are also faster to produce, thus, making it more affordable and more convenient to consumers.

When to Wear Suede?

To make sure that your suede venture is a resounding success, you have to find a way to balance the entire look without looking too plushy and outlandish.

Office Essentials in Warm Shades

The soft yet luxurious look of suede is certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you have that bold sartorial attitude, you can go all the way and sport a tailored suede suit and a pair of trousers, that will be stunning for a black tie event.

But if you are not yet familiar with incorporating suede to your wardrobe and favorite ensembles, adding a suede accessory to your look will be your best bet.

Adding mere accents of suede will definitely get you going for any type of event. After all, each piece will be considered an investment because of its versatility and sophisticated appeal.

There’s actually plenty of options to choose from suede ties, bow ties, and suede pocket squares are the most commonly available men’s accessories in the market.

Each of these suede men’s accessories will surely add a subtle hint of luxury to your outfit for both formal and casual gatherings.

Black is an obvious classic when it comes to picking an accessory for high esteemed events, but other formally accepted colours like beige, grey, maroon and blue will look stunning as well.

Suede: Synthetic Fabric with Genuine Elegance

Knowing your fabric is a great way to ensure that each item, whether you personally buy it at the store or if you order it online, will be worth every pence.

Suede Ties

With this definitive style guide about suede and how to wear and incorporate suede accessories to your favourite ensemble, we hope that you will be more adventurous in trying out new types of fabrics.

Familiarising yourself with different types of fabrics will not only widen your sartorial perspective but will also give your wardrobe a fresh update that it deserves.

So, whenever you are planning to step up the game for your daily office attire, or if you are heading to an A-list type of social event, make sure to have something suede to showcase.

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