Wearing a Cravat in Everyday Life: A Bold Statement of Sartorial Sophistication

Plain Ivory Men’s Cravat by DQT

Right up until the end of the 19th Century, men’s cravats were considered a perfectly reasonable piece of office-wear. Sadly, their prominence diminished throughout the 20th Century and now, in the year 2015, they are largely reserved for formal occasions such as weddings and galas. But is there any real reason why one shouldn’t wear a cravat to work (or in any other day-to-day setting for that matter)? Certainly not! In fact, it’s about time for a popular resurgence of these stylish and fanciful pieces of neckwear.

There’s something undeniably gentlemanly about cravats: they seem to belong to a previous, more sophisticated age. But why should this be a point against wearing one today? Why should we abandon these stylish accessories to a bygone era? We shouldn’t, of course. A gentleman is a gentleman in any age and any location, and he shouldn’t be afraid to show it in the way he dresses. If you think that you’d cut a dashing figure in a cravat, then by all means wear one! Use it to stand out at work or to add a little sartorial flare to a night on the town. Wear it to show off, or just for your own enjoyment!

Nor should you be overly concerned about how you might be perceived in such an elegant accessory. When was the last time someone whose opinion you actually cared about ridiculed someone for being well-dressed? To put it simply; people of quality will never dismiss you for dressing to impress. You might be concerned over other’s reactions to your out-of-the-ordinary choice of neckwear, but the reality is that you’re far more likely to receive compliments than insults. You might even start a new trend! The truth is that the vast majority of people want to stand out and earnestly respect anyone who does so themselves.

Are cravats a trifle foppish and whimsical when worn outside of formal occasions? Perhaps, but therein lies their appeal. They’re a fun little nod to an earlier age of sartorial panache, and that’s something to be celebrated. Choose elegance: choose cravats. Click Here: http://www. dqt.co.uk/mens-cravats.html

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