Why Do We Wear Wedding Rings on Our Left Hand?

Wedding Traditions Explained.

We’ve all heard the something old, new, borrowed and blue but what do they actually mean? Where did these wedding traditions come from and what are their actual meanings? Take a step back from wedding planning, wedding cravats, top hats and flower arrangements to have a little history lesson on where it all came from originally!

The Ring
Ever wondered why we wear our wedding and engagement rings on your ‘ring finger’ on your left hand? It’s because years ago it was believed that the vein in this finger was the longest and lead directly to the heart.

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
This is the rhyme that all little girls learn when they’re dreaming about marrying their prince but the true meanings of these tokens are often forgotten. Something old represents the bride’s link with her family history; a lot of people tend to wear an item of jewellery passed down from their mother or grandmother. Some brides opt to get their mother’s dress altered to fit them, which is a lovely and really personal idea.

Something new is supposed to represent good fortune and success for the couple and the bride’s life. This can be anything from the dress to the shoes!

Something borrowed is to represent the bride’s relationship with her friends and family and how they will always be there for her. This can be anything! The nice thing about this is that it will be so personal between the bride and her borrow-ee!

Something blue dates back to biblical times when brides were virgins and the colour blue represented purity. This is often the bride’s garter but can also be flowers, shoes, or even bridesmaid’s dresses.

The Veil
Ever wondered why you bride has to cover up her beautiful face on your wedding day when all you want to do is see it? It’s supposed to hide her beauty and ward off evil spirits until you’ve officially tied the knot!

Standing on the Left
The bride traditionally stands to the left of the groom to allow his ‘sword arm’ to be free to ward off any men that want to come and steal her!

The Honeymoon
Etiquette says that the groom should organise the honeymoon as a surprise for his new wife! How true this is in 21st century weddings, I’m not sure, but it would definitely be a chivalrous thing to do.

Hopefully that’s cleared up a few questions that you might have had about wedding traditions! If not, it gives you a good few pub quiz facts.Our ancestors are serious when it comes to wedding traditions. DQT is also serious when it comes to Grooms Wear we want the best look for all Grooms out there. Cravats are available at DQT: http://www.dqt.co.uk/cravats.html

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