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Silver Metal Knot Cufflinks by DQT

Cufflinks make an ideal addition to men’s shirts and can be used for more than formal occasions. A pair of stylish cufflinks can instantly transform a tired looking shirt, helping to make you the centre of attention at parties and other events. Here, we will cover how to choose the best cufflinks for your needs.

Introvert or extrovert?

As with many accessories, your personality type will determine the style of cufflinks you will want to wear. If you are an extrovert who loves being the centre of attention, for example, it will be more appropriate to wear a pair of bold swirl cufflinks than an introvert who might prefer something more muted.

What is the occasion?

Where you are going is an important factor in the cufflinks you choose to wear. If you are attending a wedding, a formal style will be more appropriate than plain cufflinks for an office meeting.

During the evening, you might choose to wear something more fun – perhaps a pair of cufflinks with bold colours or a stylish design. You could even go for something fun like a pair of skulls.

Be professional

Leave the funky crocodile cufflinks at home when heading out to the office or to a job interview. Your choice of cufflink says a lot about you, so always remember to be smart and professional looking.

What is the outfit?

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing what cufflinks to wear is what outfits you will be wearing with them. If you only intend to wear cufflinks on formal occasions, invest in a pair of high quality silver cufflinks that can be worn with the rest of your formal wear.

Think about the outfit as a whole and what will complement it. Contrasting colours might not be entirely successful.

Be daring

While it’s tempting to wear the classic T-shape cufflinks, why not consider other styles such as the shackle and one piece?

Your other accessories

Pay attention to your other accessories when choosing what cufflinks to wear. Look at your belt, watch and tie. Will everything go together? A silver watch and belt buckle make perfect companions to a pair of silver cufflinks, for instance.

What is the Season?

Try and wear colours that match the season. Brightly coloured cufflinks are perfect for spring and summer, while warmer colours are ideal in autumn and winter. Think about wearing cufflinks which have gemstones during these months as they can add a bit of colour.