Top Hats For Your Fabulous Wedding

Trying to make a bold entrance at a wedding? A great head start is to go with a new Top Hat – especially with the new high-quality top hats DQT is now offering.

Top Hats, while normally being quite traditional, are a fantastic part of any formal outfit or contemporary attire. Although they were primarily worn between the 18th and mid-20th century, they’ve never looked better than they do today. A good top hat can really complete a look, and DQT offers them in four great colors: basic black, grey (pictured below), ivory, and a classy red. Depending on what you plan on wearing, any top hat can make or break the look you’re going after.

Coming in small, medium, large, and extra-large (55, 57, 59, and 61 centimeters, respectively) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already have one. Not only are top hats great for weddings, they’re a great fit for formal occasions as well. In fact, some men who choose to wear a top hat to a wedding will only wear them when pictures are taken after the ceremony (if hats aren’t allowed during the ceremony) – so, if you already weren’t aware, it’s a good faux pas to avoid. Additionally, it’s an even better idea to get the correct measurement on the top hat in question – getting the wrong size can ruin the look instantly.

DQT’s top hats are 13.5cm in length, which is a traditional size (and has been fairly common since the 1960s). Unlike other older top hats, which historically have been known to be up to 20 centimeters in height!

What’s even better is that DQT top hats are made from 100% pure Australian cotton. Tried and tested, they’ll give you that top-quality look without breaking your budget.

Don’t forget the fact that top hats aren’t just for wearing – top hats are also a great fashion accessory that can be held by one’s side. It can be part of a greater fashion statement since; after all, you’re not going to be wearing a top hat for an entire night, right?

Either way, good top hats can bring a great outfit together. Although it’s not worn the entire time, it can complement your look in many more ways than one. Think of horse races – where top hats are instantly spotted – and definitely iconic. It’s a bold way to bring about a new look, and if you’re ordering what DQT offers, you can’t go wrong.

Top Hats
Black Top Hats
Grey Top Hats
Grey Top Hats
Red Top Hats
Red Top Hats

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