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Tying the Knot, and Getting Married by DQT

When it comes to choosing the tie you will wear on your wedding day, there is a wide variety of options – presenting a great opportunity for you to express your personality. Even if your bride has decided on a colour scheme which you are expected to adhere to when choosing your tie, the range […]

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Tie by DQT

So much focus is placed on a bride’s wedding dress, a groom’s tuxedo or a mother of the bride’s hat. However, what can really set a wedding ensemble off is an item that may often be overlooked – a man’s tie. To find the perfect tie for your wedding, or a wedding you that you […]

3 Amazing Stag Do Themes

Your wedding day will be amazing, your engagement will be awesome but your stag do should be something else entirely. This is really your time to let loose with the lads, don’t think of it as the last time though, because it probably won’t be. There’s still time for lads’ breaks away in the future […]