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Ready to Tie a Knot? Here’s What to Wear for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding ties add an important touch to the groom’s outfit and can complement the couple’s overall look. No matter if you’re preparing for a themed or a more traditional wedding – the tie adds the finishing touches to the groom’s wedding attire. The good news is that ties don’t have to be stiff and boring. […]

To Tie or Not to Tie: DQT Wedding Tie Decisions

Been invited to a wedding? Check. Or it’s actually your wedding? Check. You’re part of the bridal party? Check. If you’re any of the above, which I’m sure you will be, or will have been at some point in your life you need to read this to gain some important knowledge about the world of […]

DQT Wedding Accessories For Every Groomsman

Wedding accessories are a vital component of the groom’s wedding outfit. Choosing the right accessories can really set the tone for the whole outfit, and contribute to the feeling of the event. Carefully-chosen accessories are what make an outfit look finished. Grooms wearing the usual wedding attire can choose to accessorise their outfit with ties […]

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding by DQT!

It’s the time of year for roaring fires, festive sparkle and, according to Shakin’ Stevens, “the season of love and understanding”, so what better time to have a wedding than in the winter? Having a winter wedding means you’ll be avoiding the busy summer months. This means that venues will be cheaper as it’s an […]

Capture the Magic of a Winter Wedding by DQT

A summer wedding might be preferred by many, but a winter wedding inspires a magical charm that no other season can possibly capture. Snow white settings, cosy log fires and atmospheric candles create a romantic and warming vibe, whilst the colours of this season also mean you can dress in richer tones and textures. For […]

What To Wear for Your Engagement Shoot by DQT

An engagement photo shoot might not be top of your list as a bloke, but guaranteed your bride to be will possibly be quite keen on the idea. Engagement shoots are a really nice way of announcing your big news, you can email the photographs, print them off and frame them and even set them […]

Common Mistakes Men When Getting A Wedding Suits by DQT

During a wedding the brides always get the attention due to her long and beautiful gown. Aside from this, the guests are also fascinated by her amazing makeup, hair style, and array of accessories she is wearing, leaving the men out of the spotlight. However men should be aware that the glorious event for the […]

Let Your DQT Tie Speak Volumes at a Wedding

Many people think the humble tie is an after-thought to an outfit, but actually the choice of tie you make can totally transform the look or feel of what you wear. This is especially the case whe n choosing the right kind of wedding tie. Weddings are much more informal these days, giving both the […]

Transform Your Wedding Suit with a Wedding Tie From DQT

The tie is one of the most important parts of any man’s wedding outfit. Weddings are events that you will remember forever, whether you’re the groom, the best man or a guest, so you need to look your best – and the tie is the key accessory that has the power to transform your entire […]

How to Plan the Perfect Vintage Wedding – On a Budget!

Vintage weddings are really big at the moment and vintage inspired dresses and bridal wear were all the range on the catwalks of Spring/Summer 2015 wedding trends. But, you don’t need to shell out for a designer vintage inspired wedding dress and break the bank you can easily get the vintage look that you and […]