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Step Up in Style with a DQT Prom Waistcoat

As the excitement builds towards prom night, one of the key decisions you have to make is deciding what you’re going to wear. Etiquette says dress should be smart or semi-formal, but proms are also meant to be fun occasions and you want to wear something that also says – party time! A prom waistcoat […]

A DQT Paisley Waistcoat and Tie Keeps Him Stylish

The paisley pattern enjoys a long history, and although many people might associate its origins with the Scottish town of the same name, it actually has its roots in India, where inspiration for this distinctive swirling pattern was derived from Kashmir shawls. Throughout history, paisley has enjoyed a popular following, and even up to this […]

DQT’s Big Groom Decisions – What To Wear Contemporary vs Traditional

You’ve proposed to your bride to be? Check. You’ve asked all your best mates to be your best men and groomsmen? Check. You’ve decided on a date? Check. You’re doing well; it’s a rocky road ahead. There are a lot of decisions and choices to be made over the next few months but we’re here […]

Passion and Scroll Collection for Men and Boys

Bow ties, cravats, handkerchiefs… They used to bring to mind images of old and proper gentlemen smoking cigars in their exclusive clubs. Perhaps the last thing you want to look like! However, they shed their stuffy image a while ago, and have now become a must-have in the modern man’s wardrobe, a fun and original […]