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DQT’s April Trend Alert! The Tartans

The tartan pattern is something historically associated with Scotland, and burly men in kilts, but the times have changed, and tartans are now being recognised as a truly versatile pattern which can add a pop of colour to your outfit. Tartan, or plaid as our American cousins call it, is a pattern made up of […]

Impress your date with a seductive DQT tie this Valentine’s Day

Are you hoping to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you’re taking your partner on a date to celebrate your love, or perhaps you plan on using Valentine’s Day to woo someone and start a new relationship. Whatever you’re planning to do, the way you dress can have a huge impact on the success […]

DQT Striped Ties – The Stylish Choice

Could there be anything more quintessentially English than a striped tie? From school ties to club ties and regimental ties, it seems that every Englishman has a striped tie of some sort. A striped tie is timeless, never goes out of fashion and is perfect for every occasion. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to wear a […]

DQT’s Polka Dot Wardrobe!

The polka dot print has been popular ever since the 1920s, Coco Chanel was a big fan and when Disney brought out Minnie Mouse in 1928 wearing her classic polka dot dress, the world went dotty for polka dots. They are usually of the same size with the same distance between them and this creates […]

How To Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot (1 of 21)

View our complete How to Tie a Tie guide here. Embed How To Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot on Your Site. Copy and Paste the Code Below: <img alt=”How To Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot (1 of 21) by DQT” title=”How To Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot (1 of 21) by DQT” src=”http://www.dqt.co.uk/images/fourinhand_1280.jpg”> If you enjoyed our tie […]

How To Tie a Tie Over 20 Ways!

We have compiled a collection of over 20 step by step guides of ways to tie your tie from the most simple of knots, the four-in-hand to the more complicated and unique looking Eldredge and Trinity knots amongst others. Want to stand out from the crowd as people eye your beautifully tied knot from across […]

DQT’s Selection of Tie and Handkerchief Sets

Here at DQT we specialize in ties, wedding ties and cravats. Today we’d like to share with you our lovely selection of tie and handkerchief sets. They come in plain, floral, stripe patterns and swirl designs and are available in a massive range of colours. Tie and handkerchief sets are perfect for tying a colour […]

How to Wear Striped Ties

The Occasions The office is the perfect place for a striped tie. Single striped ties are perfect for and out there colours can usually be pulled off if worn with a neutral coloured shirt. Striped ties for weddings can be a tricky one. If you’re having a casual, Riviera chic wedding a striped tie is […]

3 Amazing Stag Do Themes

Your wedding day will be amazing, your engagement will be awesome but your stag do should be something else entirely. This is really your time to let loose with the lads, don’t think of it as the last time though, because it probably won’t be. There’s still time for lads’ breaks away in the future […]