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The DQT Ties that Bind!

Back in 1975, Mr William Hirsch, then chairman of the Tie Manufacturers Association, said that no fashion writer should claim that the wearing of ties was dying out. To write such, in his opinion, was tantamount to “professional suicide”. On the contrary, it was his boast that the new ties, that year, “will be the […]

Streamline Your Look with a DQT Skinny Tie

Spring is in the air and with a hint of better weather and lighter evenings, it’s time to lighten up your wardrobe too! Spring is a time in which you can have a bit more fun with your look – no need for thick coats, woolly hats and gloves – it’s about lightening up and […]

DQT New Styles All Tied Up

At this time of year it’s easy to feel a bit flat, after all the fun of the festive season. Life can feel a bit dull, your wardrobe is the same old bits and pieces and everything is just a little uninspired. So do you feel that your style could do with something of a […]

Sleek, Smooth and Sophisticated – DQT Skinny Ties for the Groom

At some weddings, the choice of a full blown morning suit with a classic cravat or traditional tie for the groom would be totally appropriate. At a traditional village church wedding for example, in a classic setting, this look would be just right. However, nowadays many brides – and therefore their grooms – are looking […]

DQT Skinny ties: the best ties for ANY occasion

Skinny ties are contemporary, stylish and sharp. When worn with a narrow-lapelled suit, they can even help make your frame appear slimmer and lighter. However, they tend to be associated exclusively with modern settings. Many gentlemen wonder if they can be worn to formal occasions. Of course they can! While skinny ties aren’t terribly traditional, […]

Jeans, coffee and now ties… is skinny or regular the best choice?

When it comes to ties, there are plenty of decisions to be made: decisions on which fabrics, colours and patterns to choose, decisions on how to tie them, and also decisions on width. Ties can be found in regular, slim and skinny widths – with a variety of options in between too. Whether you’re wearing […]

Is The DQT Skinny Tie For You?

It is true that fashion is always transforming, but revolving around the same trends. The skinny tie gained huge popularity in the late 1960’s and was a style statement only enhanced by bold colors and designs. However, the skinny tie trend fell off for a few years, but it is now back with a vengeance. […]

Top Groomsmen Wedding Trends for 2014.

There are always new trends cropping up for every season for every occasion, birthday parties, fashion trends, food trends, but here at DQT there’s one trend that we really like to get the skinny on. You guessed it, weddings! Here are 4 new trends for 2014 spring/summer weddings. Blushing Bride In terms of bridal wear […]

Slim Ties: Is it the New Trend of Fashion?

“What on earth is that?”, they all exclaimed when the first skinny ties appeared in the 1960s. But then The Beatles were wearing them, and they were fashion incarnate, so who was to argue? The slim tie has greatly evolved since its first days, but one thing hasn’t changed: normal size ties are for formal […]