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Need some inspiration for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day looming, you may be in need of some last-minute inspiration. Finding the right gift can be tricky when you’re buying for a man who already has everything, or is hard to please. If this sounds like your dad, it’s usually better to buy gifts of a practical nature – ones you know […]

Impress your date with a seductive DQT tie this Valentine’s Day

Are you hoping to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you’re taking your partner on a date to celebrate your love, or perhaps you plan on using Valentine’s Day to woo someone and start a new relationship. Whatever you’re planning to do, the way you dress can have a huge impact on the success […]

How to Choose a Prom-inent DQT Tie

Proms are now a big night in the life of a teenager, a chance to look smart and celebrate the end of secondary school or exams. You’ll want to look the part and make a good impression. Ties are a central part of dressing up, and a good tie makes all the difference between a […]

It’s Prom Night! Make Sure Your Little Angel Looks The Part by DQT

Prom night is fast approaching, and it’ll probably be the biggest night of his life so far. Make sure he looks the part with DQT’s impressive range of bow ties, cravats, waistcoats and accessories designed to complete that exquisite prom night look. Your little boy will soon be a man, and prom night is the […]

Tying the Knot Right by DQT

Weddings come and go in a flash, but photographs of the happy event will be around forever. What you choose to wear will be displayed on mantelpieces, in photo-frames, and on Facebook for the foreseeable future. Take good care to remember that what is fashionable now will be the butt of many a cruel joke […]

DQT’s Hot Tie Styles for 2015: Polka dot Ties

With 2015 emerging as a new year, there will be many styles that will be expressed for this year. Some are new styles, while others are old and classic, but the point remains: 2015 is gearing up to be a very fashionable and stylistic kind of year. One of the trendiest styles is the classy […]

DQT’s Many Ways to Wear a Polka Dot Tie

It can often be difficult for men to pick out a tie that suits their particular style. A plain tie can be a bit too dull and uninspired, even for a day at the office, whereas certain patterns or prints can be distracting, and can turn an outfit from classy to tacky. That’s why at […]

Perfect Style with DQT Polka Dots

It is true that fashion is a fast moving, ever evolving world. That said, just as new trends are constantly emerging there are others, such as denim, stripes and top quality tailoring, that never really go away. These are perennial, popular styles and prints that just always seem to be in vogue. One great example […]