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Why the DQT knitted tie is a win-win choice for the office Christmas party?

Knitted ties are making a comeback. Suitable for dressing up or down, the old faithful gives any outfit that quirky-casual feel. The perfect finishing touch for any casual or formal event, the knitted tie has been sported by a number of British celebs lately, including the likes of David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Hugh […]

Perfect a Preppy Style with a DQT Knitted Tie

Knitted ties might seem like the latest fashion trend, but it wasn’t so long ago that they were part of everyday life. Knitted ties were common as part of the sporty British look in the 1930s, and became popular in the US with lounging movie stars. In the 60s and 70s they were customary uniform […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Wear DQT’s Knitted Tie

We all know that the tie is a staple of the stylish man’s wardrobe. These days however, there’s a new kid on the block. Introducing, the knitted tie. There are many reasons why the knitted tie is taking the world of men’s fashion by storm and here are our top three: The ‘maverick’ factor The […]