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Style Your Summer With DQT Paisley Tie

The paisley tie speaks of creativity and cheerfulness of the wearer. The often warm colours used for this pattern summons attention. They are best worn during parties, cocktails, informal dinners, and over a solid-coloured dress shirt. Patterned or striped garments not only subdue the tie’s classic colours but the design mismatch also often leads to […]

Perfect DQT Paisley is Putting the Groom Centre Stage

Wedding style used to be the preserve of the bride, with the groom’s outfit being something of an afterthought. Grooms and their attendants too often looked predictable but things have certainly changed. Grooms are now putting themselves centre stage with winning ensembles to grace the big day. Today’s grooms are increasingly searching for the sophisticated […]

DQT Ties: The Power of Paisley

So you want to add some pattern to a formal look, but don’t want to overdo it. Classic paisley is the perfect compromise; this versatile design is steeped in history and is perfect for breaking up a formal look. Originally from Iran, paisley first arrived in Europe in the 17th Century, taking its name from […]

Eye for style: What’s in DQT’s Paisley Tie?

The paisley pattern has inherited a special place in pop culture that’s perhaps most strongly associated with the summer of love. Since then, it has developed from what was once a funky nod to Indian spiritualism, to a mainstream fashion icon, with its design incorporated into all sorts of clothing. No item stands out more […]

Five Top Tips for Wearing DQT’s Paisley Ties

That curly teardrop; it’s one iconic design that never goes out of style, and it’s been around a while, having arrived in Europe in the 1600s. Paisley probably originated in ancient Persia, now Iran. It first came to the UK town of (you’ve guessed it) Paisley, Scotland, where it was initially used on wool shawls. […]

New Lines: Paisley and Knitted Products

A very exciting day here at DQT towers, when a new product line comes into stock it’s always a good day. A fresh line of ties has just landed in some stylish paisley print and some lovely knitted styles. In the paisley range we have products in the categories of Men’s Ties, Skinny Ties, Men’s […]