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Style Your Summer With DQT Paisley Tie

The paisley tie speaks of creativity and cheerfulness of the wearer. The often warm colours used for this pattern summons attention. They are best worn during parties, cocktails, informal dinners, and over a solid-coloured dress shirt. Patterned or striped garments not only subdue the tie’s classic colours but the design mismatch also often leads to […]

Finding the Perfect DQT Tie for a Summer Wedding

Summer is definitely the wedding season. However, with the choice of wedding ties numbering in the thousands, choosing the right tie to fit a summer wedding can be an unnecessary headache – so we’ve put together some helpful hints and advice to make sure you pick up the perfect wedding tie. Be careful of the […]

How to Plan the Perfect Vintage Wedding – On a Budget!

Vintage weddings are really big at the moment and vintage inspired dresses and bridal wear were all the range on the catwalks of Spring/Summer 2015 wedding trends. But, you don’t need to shell out for a designer vintage inspired wedding dress and break the bank you can easily get the vintage look that you and […]

Jeans, coffee and now ties… is skinny or regular the best choice?

When it comes to ties, there are plenty of decisions to be made: decisions on which fabrics, colours and patterns to choose, decisions on how to tie them, and also decisions on width. Ties can be found in regular, slim and skinny widths – with a variety of options in between too. Whether you’re wearing […]

DQT’s Polka Dot Wardrobe!

The polka dot print has been popular ever since the 1920s, Coco Chanel was a big fan and when Disney brought out Minnie Mouse in 1928 wearing her classic polka dot dress, the world went dotty for polka dots. They are usually of the same size with the same distance between them and this creates […]

That Extra Half an Inch Matters!

The length of ties is a common talking point and issue for some men as it is a popular view that ties are all made to be the same length but the majority of men are varying heights and have trouble with the length of their ties, whether they are too long or too short, […]

Top Groomsmen Wedding Trends for 2014.

There are always new trends cropping up for every season for every occasion, birthday parties, fashion trends, food trends, but here at DQT there’s one trend that we really like to get the skinny on. You guessed it, weddings! Here are 4 new trends for 2014 spring/summer weddings. Blushing Bride In terms of bridal wear […]