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Keeping it Classy when Dressing the Groomsmen

As the summer wedding season comes around, we’re thinking about the best ways to dress the gentlemen of the big day. Whether you are having a huge event or a quiet get-together, the options for menswear are much more inspired than they used to be. Here’s a basic guide to keeping the chaps classy. Make […]

Cravats of Today’s Fashion by DQT

In the world of fashion industry, changes in trends are considered to be inevitable and reaching popularity through the passing of years. There can be many innovations that might influence the industry of fashion and style wherein many individuals are as well adapting into. If we are to observe the world of today, there are […]

Christmas Cravats by DQT for that Classic Smart Look

The cravat is generally acknowledged to have been popularised by Old Etonian Beau Brummel, arguably the most stylish man in British history, a few centuries ago. Brummel was inspired by his old school uniform to invent the three piece suit, and he chose as an accessory a dignified and distinctive neck piece: the cravat! Nowadays, […]

Matching DQT’s Wedding Cravats to Bridal Colours

As the groom, you’re pretty limited to how you can add colour to your style. After all, you’re going to look best in a fairly conservatively coloured tuxedo or suit. The best way to add a splash of colour to your look is through your wedding cravat. Wedding cravats offer you the ability to have […]

The Resurgence of the Wedding Cravat

When celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt wore wedding cravats, the fashionable world sat up and took notice. It looked dashing and bold. Not surprisingly, wedding cravats soon became a ‘must have’ fashion item at any wedding. Cravats have been used with formal wear for many years, and men can always be seen wearing […]

DQT Cravats Makes You Feel Royalty

Celebrity cravat and morning suit idols should include guys like David Beckham. When he was seen at the Royal Wedding in 2012, he showed all normal blokes that you don’t have to look like you’re the one getting married in a morning coat and cravats. This means that your groomsmen can rock the morning coats […]

10 Things To Do Now You’re Engaged

You’ve popped the question and now the time is here for planning, decisions and the need for more hours in the day! Here’s a mini check list of things that you need to definitely do to make sure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as it can. 1. Tell Your Family This means face […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Groomswear with the DQT Timeline!

Here at DQT we’re passionate about weddings and we want to help you out with whatever we can. Obviously, neckwear and accessories are our thing, we won’t be coming to the rescue when the flowers are wilting in the freak April heat and there’s a snow storm at the reception but we can help you […]

Cravats: A World Tour

Although we commonly associate the cravat with weddings here in Western culture, it actually has some rather multi cultural roots from Europe and America. Read on for a little whistle stop tour around the world. 1. Croatia: This might seem like a completely tenuous link unless you’ve heard this before but cravats were actually created […]

The Best Man: What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear

There are two ways to take this article, it can end abruptly or it can be in depth and more interesting. This depends on whether you’re having your suit picked for you by the bride and groom or whether you’ve got free reign on your own outfit! Hopefully you’re reading this and you’ve got a […]