Impress your date with a seductive DQT tie this Valentine’s Day

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Wearing DQT Polka Dot Neck Tie on Valentine’s Day!

Are you hoping to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you’re taking your partner on a date to celebrate your love, or perhaps you plan on using Valentine’s Day to woo someone and start a new relationship. Whatever you’re planning to do, the way you dress can have a huge impact on the success of your romantic venture. To help you out, we’ve created a guide to picking the perfect tie for the most love-struck day of the year. After all, we like to consider ourselves experts in ties here at DQT.

1. ColourIf you’re going on a date this Valentine’s Day, we suggest choosing a tie with a rich, passionate hue, such as red or deep purple. These colours are assertive, yet romantic: they suggest that you’re a man of strong passions who also has a tender, affectionate heart. If you want to use your outfit to say “I find you ravishing: let me sweep you off your feet”, a deep red or purple tie is the perfect accessory. Alternatively, if you wish to be a little more delicate, you may wish to consider a subtle pink tie. The colour pink suggests affection and sweetness without projecting too much passion. We recommend opting for this colour if you’re going for a date with someone who’s a little shy or reserved. Of course, your chosen tie doesn’t have to be a single, block colour. You can also choose a patterned tie in the appropriate hues. Here at DQT, we offer a wide variety of polka dot ties and striped ties that you may wish to consider.2. MaterialFor the most romantic day on the calendar, we think you need a tie in a sumptuous material. It’s important to choose a material that is luxurious and seductive. Undoubtedly, silk is the best option available to you. Silk ties look smooth and stunning and (more importantly) feel sensuous. Of course, if you’ve been dating someone for a long time, you may prefer a more comfortable, friendly tie, such as one of our wool knitted ties. For most dates, however, we think silk is the perfect tie material.3. StyleShould you choose a conventional tie, a bow-tie or a cravat? The answer depends on who you trying to impress. Bow-ties have a timeless, quirky charm and are best suited to impressing dates who have an idiosyncratic, light-hearted disposition. Cravats are ideal for wowing dates who love high-class luxury. Conventional ties are suitable for all occasions and can be used to complement your outfit, no matter who you’re trying to romance. Regardless of who you’re romancing, we have the perfect type of tie for you.By following this simple guide, you should be able to pick the perfect tie for Valentine’s Day. We wish you luck in sweeping your date off her feet.

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