How To Tie a Half Windsor Knot (2 of 21)

If you are taller than average, tying a necktie to the right length might be a problem you are too familiar with.

Half Windsor Knot

You can always opt for extra long ties to match your body stature but in reality, finding one that is longer than the standard length is quite a challenge.

But worry no more. You have come to the right place. As the experts, we introduce to you, the half windsor knot!

What is a Half Windsor Knot?

Also dubbed as the single windsor knot, it is basically a modest version of the classic full windsor knot. It yields a smaller and less bulky tie, with the same sharp look.

Since it is half the size, it is comparably easier and faster to achieve. The half windsor knot shows a triangular and symmetrical shape that is also considered one of the simplest type of knots.

For wearing ties, smaller types of knots like the half windsor is perfect for men with higher stature. Once tied properly, the tip of your necktie will surely hit exactly just right around your abdomen.

Styling also plays a crucial part on proportioning your tie to work well with your whole getup. We will show you the right way:

How to Style a Half Windsort Knot

Since this type of knot is compact and symmetrical as well, it will adequately suit both casual and formal events. It will also be perfect for a day in the office because it is a faster alternative of its full version.

If you are a tall man, we totally get you. For dressing up well, your goal is not to hide or camouflage your height. But like any other body type, you aim to look proportional and smart.

Keeping it in mind, that choosing the right tie for this knot will also contribute to the overall look. We have a few reminders for you:

Because of its symmetrical shape, a half windsor knot will be perfect for ties with flamboyant patterns and bold colours. You can definitely be free to select one to fit your own style and personality.

Dress shirts with medium width collar spread will show up nice and neat with this type of knot. Opt for slim ties when doing this knot because it will help the structure create a bit of an extra fullness.

So now, let us set the timer and start tying!

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

How To Tie a Half Windsor Knot (2 of 21) by DQT
  1. Drape your necktie around your collar with the wide end on your right and positioned a bit lower than the narrow end. Then cross the wide end on top on the narrow end from right to left creating an X shape.
  2. Create a loop using the wide end of the tie, horizontally around and then going behind from left to right.
  3. Take the wide end over from the top and through the gap of the X shape you created and pull it downwards tightly.
  4. Hold the wide end with one of your hand and wrap it in front on top of the narrow end from your right to your left.
  5. With a triangle already formed in the middle of your collar, hold it firmly with one hand. Using your right hand, take the wide end towards your chest and from behind the loop, pass it over the X shape.
  6. Lastly, pull down the wide end to fasten the knot and slide it up to your neck until you are comfortable.

Wow! That is neat and crisp! After learning to do this half windsor knot, we will not be surprised if you will nail doing its full counterpart.

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Truly, the half windsor knot is a quicker alternative for the full windsor knot but you can never underestimate its formality and overall sleek appearance.

We are confident you can step up now to the next level!

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