Dressing for Your Wedding: Why Choose a DQT Waistcoat?

However formal your wedding plans are, the wedding waistcoat is a strong sartorial choice with a number of unique benefits. To inspire your fashion choices as you prepare to get married, here are some of the top reasons to choose a waistcoat. First of all – and perhaps most fundamentally, given that waistcoats are worn so rarely nowadays – the wedding waistcoat has a ‘special’ feel about it, a feel of tradition and grandeur that can help any groom to attain the right kind of mindset for marriage.

At a more practical level, it typically differentiates them from their guests. In fact, waistcoats have long been viewed as a way of expressing individuality from otherwise very conservative dress and, increasingly, this is accomplished with vibrant colours and vivid patterning (although grooms should always be sure to pair outlandishly decorated wedding waistcoats with relatively plain neck wear, and must keep in mind that loud waistcoats draw attention to the midriff).

More traditionally, subtly individualised colours make for a useful system of colour coded differentiation between the groom and the groomsmen. Many grooms also choose to coordinate their wedding waistcoat, tie or cravat with the colour of the bridal dress, which might be viewed as a symbolic display of unity or as another method of differentiating the groom from the other participants in the wedding ceremony.

Finally, the wedding waistcoat makes smartness versatile. In other words, when it comes time for the bride and groom to have their first dance, the he can remove his outer jacket and still look better than ever – whether in a regal double-breasted design or a more up to date and clean cut single-breasted alternative. View our New Waistcoat Colours here: https://www.dqt.co.uk/wedding-waistcoats.html

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