Dress to Impress with DQT Clip on Tie

Imagine for a second that you’re getting ready for an important meeting with someone that you want to impress; you’re wearing your best suit with your favourite tie but somehow, for some reason, you just can’t get the knot right. A suit is only as good as the tie that you’re wearing, and in the same way that the wrong shirt or shoes can unravel an outfit, so too can a badly knotted tie. So how do you best combat the issue? A clip on tie. Simple, easy and guaranteed to be perfect every time, the clip on tie is a time saver, as well as an alternative for those of us that struggle with the perfect knot.

Plain Navy Blue Clip on Tie by DQT

Beyond the simplicity of it, though, it is also worth bearing in mind that clip on ties come in as many shades, patterns colours and styles as their traditional forebear. Readily available on most high streets, as well as from a variety of online retailers, a clip on tie is as easy a purchase as any other essential part of a suit. Such is the ease and style of the clip on tie that it has been adopted as uniform across a number of industries: from bar staff, taxi drivers, salesmen and waiters, and even to football teams and doctors. If you’re worried because you haven’t heard about the trend yet, then there’s an easy answer for that: it’s because you wouldn’t even notice the difference – and nobody else would either.

A brilliant way to tie together almost any shirt and trouser combo, the clip on tie is an absolute must-have alternative for anybody who’s looking to save a few seconds in the morning. With the top knot always sure to be perfect, there really is no excuse not to have at least a couple handy in the top drawer or wardrobe. The clip on tie will easily be the most accessible of all your accessories, and it’s versatile enough that you can instantly add class to even the simplest outfit. With a clip on tie it’s easy to upgrade yourself in just a few seconds.