DQT Skinny ties: the best ties for ANY occasion

Plain Lilac Skinny Tie by DQT

Skinny ties are contemporary, stylish and sharp. When worn with a narrow-lapelled suit, they can even help make your frame appear slimmer and lighter. However, they tend to be associated exclusively with modern settings. Many gentlemen wonder if they can be worn to formal occasions. Of course they can! While skinny ties aren’t terribly traditional, they lend a suave flair to your outfit that makes them ideal for formal occasions such as weddings and formal dinners.

The truth is that even at formal events you don’t have to be bound by tradition. A formal tie doesn’t need to be a particular type of tie, it only needs to be elegant and refined. A simple black or white skinny tie is both of these things. What’s more, skinny ties are highly distinctive. Wearing one to a formal event will really help you stand out and turn you into a beacon of fashion-forward stylishness! By donning a skinny tie, you’re certain to make a splash at even the most staid formal event.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a formal occasion to don a skinny tie; these debonair accessories can also be worn to work! Even plain skinny ties will improve your office outfit, but it’s also worth investing in more unique, brightly-hued ties. Colourful and patterned skinny ties have a quirky, flashy appearance that will help you look daring and fashionable while at work. Any skinny tie will help you look smart, but a more idiosyncratic one can help you express your personality, too. Wearing a skinny tie to work may even help your career. After all, your boss is more likely to notice your hard work and skill if you look dynamic, distinctive and fashionable.

Skinny ties can help you look amazing at work and at formal events, but they are often perceived as more playful and roguish than ordinary ties. As such, they can also be worn in more fun, informal settings, such as a night on the town.

Whether you’re wowing your cohorts at a formal event, stunning your boss and co-workers at the office or simply enjoying an evening out, a skinny tie will give your outfit an undeniable allure!

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