DQT Paisley Roars Back into Fashion

Paisley ties are fast becoming a new symbol of authority in the corporate world and a lot of people are developing an affinity for them for the beauty and splendor they command. They are also very affordable than normal ties, which is really great for the fact that they’re gaining popularity in the fashion arena.

Paisley tie has been in vogue for quite a while now, but mainly by those with authority and class. So many clients would rather opt for men’s paisley ties because it conveys to them a feeling of confidence.


Paisley Lilac Men’s Tie by DQT

When you’re in the business, it is important you have this at the back of your mind: Your look should be as professional as possible. People should look at you and see a figure of authority and determination. A Paisley tie gives you a feeling that says ‘The world is at my feet and nothing is impossible to achieve’. And that’s one of the things your clients will look out for. Nobody wants to get involved in business with someone that‘s unsure about whatever he or she brings to the table.


A study puts it that fashion sense is a major indicator that an individual is proficient at their job or not; this may be as unrealistic as a salesperson, but clients keep this factor in mind when choosing who they take their business to.

If everyone keeps a nonchalant attitude when dressing, then standards would be thrown out of the window. But of course you can keep a high standard with your paisley tie shinning through and defining you as a true professional.

A paisley tie speaks volume of the wearer. The warm colours that come with this tie are always inviting. You can be rest assured that the creativity of the wearer will always be accentuated with a paisley tie, so go for it and stand out of the crowd.

Paisley ties may be common among young professionals, but be careful if you’ve an uptight boss that has lived through the years and seen different fashion styles; he may have a different view. Before you wear a paisley tie to work, be sure he won’t have his  reservations that might come back to  haunt you later in the future.

Your professionalism should be utmost when it comes to business, and if you really want to define your personality in the most unique way ever, there is always a paisley tie to the rescue. Embrace one today and let your professionalism shine through.