Brighten Your Life with DQT Gingham Ties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares!

Gingham Check Mint Green Slim Tie by DQT

Gingham is a timeless pattern that lends clothes a cheerful look and brightens any ensemble. Fans of the pattern will be pleased to hear that we have a delightful selection of new products in gingham check. At DQT, we are proud to be able to offer you gingham check slim ties, bow ties and pocket squares.

Our gingham check ties are ideal for the office or as part of a casual outfit. The gingham check pattern is quirky and idiosyncratic; a gingham tie therefore allows the wearer to make a bold fashion statement and stand out in any setting. However, the pattern is also simple and refined, meaning that you can wear gingham ties to the office or in casual

settings without appearing unduly ostentatious. In short, they’re perfect for the fashion-forward gentleman who wishes to show off his individuality without being too visually boisterous.

Gingham Check Mint Green Men’s Bow Tie by DQT

Our gingham bow ties can also be worn as officewear or as casual accessories. However, like all bow ties, they have a slightly more cultivated appearance than other types of tie, so they make wonderful accessories for formal events and special occasions, including formal dinners and weddings. A dapper, distinctive bow tie is a welcome sight at any event or celebration and it would be hard to find a bow tie pattern more dapper and distinctive than gingham!

Finally, our gingham pocket squares can be added to any outfit to lend it an unconventional flourish. A true gentleman is careful to match his pocket square to his tie or bow tie. If you’re wearing one of our gingham slim ties or bow ties, your pocket square can be used to complement it and make your whole outfit appear more cohesive and stylish! If you choose to forgo a tie or bow tie altogether, you can still use a gingham pocket square to give your outfit an individualistic flair.

Like all our products, our gingham ties, bow ties and pocket squares are of the highest quality and will improve any outfit. Are you looking to brighten up your life with a cheerful pattern? If so, why not add some gingham to your ensemble?

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