Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

The season of pumpkins, cinnamon spice and everything nice is just right around the corner.

As the fall season approaches, colour palettes are quickly switching from fun, vibrant summer hues to warm, cozy autumn tones.

Just like nature’s leaves, men’s fashion will also undergo changes this season.

Aside from the colour shifting, fabrics are also switching from light and airy materials to heavier and bulkier clothes as the weather gets a little more chilly.

But saying goodbye to your summer outfits won’t be too sad as we welcome the autumn season with a blast here at DQT.

This season is the best time to showcase your fashion prowess and be creative with your ensembles.

Today, we are taking you to a deep dive into everything you have to know on how to dress for the autumn season.

Discover classic and trendy fall colour palettes and how to style autumn pieces based on your own style and the occasion.

Best Autumn Colours to Wear for Men

  1. Deep Reds for Apples

    Deep Red

    Different tones of red such as maroon and burgundy are the perfect accent colours of fall. As the weather becomes colder, these deep colours will not only provide an interesting visual depth to your whole look but will also give a warm feel to the eyes for chilly outdoor gatherings.

  2. Brown for Cinnamon Spice

    Brown Spice

    If you don’t want to look too casual and funky, brown and its shades are your go to autumn colours. They look extremely elegant, sophisticated and decent. It also resembles the natural items found during fall like twigs and trees that gives a more organic look to your getup.

  3. Orange for Pumpkins

    Pumpkin Orange

    Dubbed as autumn’s symbolic hue, orange and it’s shade variations like rust and burnt orange has been considered as this season’s “new neutral” because it pairs well with a lot ofautumn colour palettes. Aside from it reminds us iconic autumn items like pumpkins and dried leaves, it also works great with most skin tones.

  4. Yellow for Autumn Leaves


    Deeper and more neutral shades of yellow like marigold and mustard works well to accentuate a plain, boring ensemble. This primary colour is one of the most versatile and flattering colour for most men during the fall season. It brings out a brighter touch to a rather grounded and masculine colour palette.

  5. Green for Moss and Vines

    Moss Green

    An earthy green tone will be such a life saver during this season for your formal business and social outfits. Aside from it is a classic neutral colour that goes well with monochromatic ensembles, it also perfect colour that you can use as the season transitions from autumn to winter.

Autumn Colour Palettes for Men

When we talk about picking the perfect autumn outfit, the key point we have to consider are the colours, fabric and the cut.

With a keen eye for detail and a good sense of fashion and inspiration, you can definitely dress to impress using the simplest clothes and accessories perfect for the fall season.

Here we have listed we’re set to break down four fail-safe palettes that should build up the core of your autumn wardrobe.

  1. Mocha Brown, Mint Green and Warmer Greys

    Mocha Brown

    Taking inspiration from authentic colours seen in nature, like soil, moss, twigs and rocks.

    A combination of a light grey sport jacket or blazer over a mint or light green dress shirt with accents of mocha brown tie or bow tie and pocket square, will definitely look modern, refreshing and just perfect for the Autumn season.

    With its relatively muted aesthetic, this neutral palette works well not only for Fall season, but all year round.

  2. Burnt Orange, Beige and Khaki

    Burnt Orange

    As the temperature drops during this season, orange has been seen in abundance on the Fall runways.

    With head-to-toe tonal style made of lighter colours like orange and yellow, your whole ensemble will surely scream Autumn vibes.

    Pair a muted coloured blazer with a khaki pair of trousers and a classic, crisp white dress shirt.

    Complete this look with accessories like a burnt orange bow tie and a gold pair of cufflinks for a more formal look.

  3. Lilac, Burgundy and Hot Pink


    How about a combination of a pastel, a rich jewel tone and a trendy autumnal pop of colour? You bet!

    Be creative with vibrant and h4 hues like lilac and hot pink that are much loved by millennials.When paired with subdued neutrals, it is a surprisingly flattering colour palette on every skin tone.

    While a “full-bodied” colour like burgundy will be ideal to enhance materials like silk, suede and satin for either your pocket square or tie to round up the whole look.

  4. Emerald Green, Ivory, and Marigold

    Emerald Green

    The regal and timeless combination of greens and gold have already been making their mark this spring and summer, but expect to see these colours blow up by the time fall rolls around.

    If you want to give this classic palette a shot, try pairing these rich tones with off-white pieces like ivory to compliment the contrast between the green and gold.

    Get yourself a posh white button-down shirt and a pair of well-tailored three piece suit, waistcoat and trousers in ivory.

    Then complete the ensemble with emerald green skinny tie and a gold pocket square for a perfect late summer/early autumn look.

  5. There you have it, ‘mate! Don’t you think autumn is practically made for wedding festivities?

    With the cozy weather, to the vibrant, inviting colours of nature, the fall season is definitely a great time for intimate gatherings and celebrations.

    We know, summer came by just before our very eyes and now we are here welcoming the Autumn season.

    But seasons, just like fashion, constantly come and go. And as your trusted men’s style authority, we’re always on the pulse of what’s new and what’s to come.

    So, we hope that with this style guide from DQT made you look forward for all the sartorial goodness that the coming season has to offer.

    DQT is your one-stop shop for affordable, high quality, and stylish men’s accessories for all seasons.

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