3 Amazing Stag Do Themes

Your wedding day will be amazing, your engagement will be awesome but your stag do should be something else entirely. This is really your time to let loose with the lads, don’t think of it as the last time though, because it probably won’t be. There’s still time for lads’ breaks away in the future but this one has a fantastic excuse behind it!

1. The City Break
This is your opportunity to explore a foreign city with your mates, take in some sites, drink some delicious European beers and have a good time. Choose from a massive selection of cheap flights and city breaks and don’t go in peak time and you should also have a cost effective long weekend.

2. The Outdoors Activity
If you’re a bunch of adrenaline junkies, why not try a Zombie Bootcamp where you have to battle your way through an apocalypse for 4 hours saving Britain. Basically James Bond minus suits and plus Zombies and loads of guns, blood, shooting and running around. Sound good? Too much? Why not try a skydive together, white water rafting, clay pigeon shooting or any other outdoor activity that will bring you guys together as mates. This can of course be followed by a cheeky dinner out and a night of beverages.

3. The Classy Gin Creating Day
If you’re a dapper gentleman and enjoy the finer things in life, why not try a day of blending your own gin at the Ginstitute in Notting Hill, London. You get to choose your flavours and ingredients and they keep your special blend on file for you to order again and again. This is a classy and personal treat for you and your groomsmen and there’s plenty of night life around London for afterwards.

Top Tips
1. Try looking for an app to help you plan your event with either a city guide or a budget section to help you keep tabs on your do.
2. Don’t have your stag do the week or god forbid, the night before your wedding. This is not The Hangover; you are not going to wind up on the roof of a Las Vegas hotel. Hopefully. Either way, it’s not wise to get yourself into a state a few days before you need to look your best in those all-important photos. You don’t want to have a little bit of dribble on your wedding ties, do you boys? Added to the fact that your bride to be will really not be best pleased if you rock up skewwhiff and bleary eyed.

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