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Common Mistakes Men When Getting A Wedding Suits by DQT

During a wedding the brides always get the attention due to her long and beautiful gown. Aside from this, the guests are also fascinated by her amazing makeup, hair style, and array of accessories she is wearing, leaving the men out of the spotlight. However men should be aware that the glorious event for the […]

Outright DQT Clip On Ties

A powerful dress shirt and tie combo can give you the high ground in various social circumstances. Going to a professional or eating with a customer? Wearing formal or semi-formal clothing that fits your style depicts a vital bit of your identity with a negligible measure of exertion. The clip on tie is a necktie […]

Sleek, Smooth and Sophisticated – DQT Skinny Ties for the Groom

At some weddings, the choice of a full blown morning suit with a classic cravat or traditional tie for the groom would be totally appropriate. At a traditional village church wedding for example, in a classic setting, this look would be just right. However, nowadays many brides – and therefore their grooms – are looking […]

DQT Ties: The Power of Paisley

So you want to add some pattern to a formal look, but don’t want to overdo it. Classic paisley is the perfect compromise; this versatile design is steeped in history and is perfect for breaking up a formal look. Originally from Iran, paisley first arrived in Europe in the 17th Century, taking its name from […]