Monthly Archives: February 2015

DQT Clip on Ties: The New Choice for Men

A tie will always give a man a more pleasing and attractive look, let alone formality. Most of the time, these are worn by office executives and grooms in order to look more presentable and appreciating to the eyes of many. However, the common problem associated with a tie is that men don’t know how […]

How to Choose Your First Date Tie by DQT

Let’s face it, gentlemen, there’s little more nerve-racking than getting ready for that first big date. You’ve had the courage to ask the girl you’re smitten with out in the first place, which is one big hurdle in itself, but now you’ve got to navigate the treacherous waters of the actual date. You want to […]

Cravats of Today’s Fashion by DQT

In the world of fashion industry, changes in trends are considered to be inevitable and reaching popularity through the passing of years. There can be many innovations that might influence the industry of fashion and style wherein many individuals are as well adapting into. If we are to observe the world of today, there are […]

Look Your Best in DQT’s Striped Ties

February is the love month that everyone is waiting for. This is the most romantic month when many go head over heels to find the most romantic gift, plan the perfect date and reveal amazing surprises for loved ones. Going out on a date during this love month has become an apparent activity and social […]