Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas Cravats by DQT for that Classic Smart Look

The cravat is generally acknowledged to have been popularised by Old Etonian Beau Brummel, arguably the most stylish man in British history, a few centuries ago. Brummel was inspired by his old school uniform to invent the three piece suit, and he chose as an accessory a dignified and distinctive neck piece: the cravat! Nowadays, […]

Eye for style: What’s in DQT’s Paisley Tie?

The paisley pattern has inherited a special place in pop culture that’s perhaps most strongly associated with the summer of love. Since then, it has developed from what was once a funky nod to Indian spiritualism, to a mainstream fashion icon, with its design incorporated into all sorts of clothing. No item stands out more […]

DQT’s Many Ways to Wear a Polka Dot Tie

It can often be difficult for men to pick out a tie that suits their particular style. A plain tie can be a bit too dull and uninspired, even for a day at the office, whereas certain patterns or prints can be distracting, and can turn an outfit from classy to tacky. That’s why at […]

DQT’s Super-Groom – Being Fashionable on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is one of the greatest days of your life and certainly one of the most memorable. But it’s not just your stunning new wife who deserves to look their best – the cameras will be focused on you as well. On this important day, you are a superhero, and every good superhero needs […]