Monthly Archives: March 2014

3 Amazing Stag Do Themes

Your wedding day will be amazing, your engagement will be awesome but your stag do should be something else entirely. This is really your time to let loose with the lads, don’t think of it as the last time though, because it probably won’t be. There’s still time for lads’ breaks away in the future […]

DQT’s Top 3 Romantic Proposal Ideas & Your Proposal Check List

So this could be the most amazing moment of your life, you’re asking the woman that you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with to marry you. Hopefully, it will all go to plan, then again, we’re modern men and there is definitely the chance for things to go horribly, horribly wrong. Check […]

DQT Launches New Scroll & Swirl Wedding Accessories

It’s always an exciting day at DQT Towers when a new range of items comes in, this time it’s our new range of swirl and scroll motif items, now in a fresh new range of colours. These new hues are coming in for our huge range of products such as waistcoats, cravats, bow ties, cufflinks […]

That Extra Half an Inch Matters!

The length of ties is a common talking point and issue for some men as it is a popular view that ties are all made to be the same length but the majority of men are varying heights and have trouble with the length of their ties, whether they are too long or too short, […]