10 Tips for a Happy Marriage by DQT

One thing is for sure, marriage isn’t easy. It will be the most rewarding thing in your life, but it will definitely be difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping things fresh, exciting and most of all, nice!

1. Listen

Listen to each other. We mean properly. If they’re talking, put your iPhone down, take your headphones out or turn the television down. It will mean a lot and it won’t end in an argument.

2. Forgive & Forget

When you’ve had an argument, it’s not always easy to get back to how good you were. Everyone argues and you need to remember that your relationship is bigger than the argument. Once it’s all been sorted, forget about it and don’t hold a grudge, whatever you do.

3. Don’t Be Selfish with your Well being

You have to think about someone else as well as yourself now you’re married. So don’t do anything silly, because if you get hurt, or something bad happens, it’s not just you that’s upset and hurt, it’s your spouse too. They should be involved in a lot of decisions that you make.

4. Have a Hobby of Your Own

It’s not healthy to spend every second of every day together, so get yourself your own hobby or go out with your friends on your own. It will make you appreciate and miss your partner more than if you were with them all the time.

5. Communicate Like an Adult

Marriage is not the place for petty fights and being immature. It just won’t survive. Talk to each other like adults, you’re not children.

6. Don’t Nag

Nagging will turn into bickering and bickering will turn into arguing and arguing will turn into resentment. You don’t want this to happen. Ask about things nicely and you shall receive the answer that you want.

7. Keep up The Flirt

Compliment each other and remember what you once found amazingly attractive about the other person. Flirt with your wife or husband, they’ll appreciate it and more than likely do it back. Hey, presto! There’s your spark.

8. Don’t be Jealous

Jealously, the green eyed monster, it’s not worth it. End of story.

9. Say Thank You

Even for the little things. That cup of tea she just brought you in bed? Say thank you. Has she made you dinner? Say thank you. Even if it’s an every day thing, show some gratitude. It’s just plain manners.

10. Don’t be Lazy

Make an effort, cook them a posher meal than normal, dress up nicely, and offer them a back massage. Whatever it is, go the extra mile and it will be reciprocated.

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